Abacus Power!

Introduction to Abacus Math level 1

Children ages 3-6

Dr. Ameerah Bello
Our children don’t have to fear math, especially when given the right tools. Mathematician, Jr. brings together the power of the abacus with pure fun. Children are introduced to a simplified abacus approach and use it to help them build strong mental math skills. Liberated Minds Families will be provided with tools and materials at no cost. Why wait for your little one to do big math? Start now. Your child was born a math genius.

Level 1, focuses on position, counting, number bonds, counting up and down, comparing, adding, and subtracting mentally primarily with numbers 0-9. This class will be taught by Sister Ameerah, who has been teaching young children the abacus approach to math for over 8 years.

Watch this video for more information about the course https://youtu.be/j7O82h0NMPk    
8 Classes

Group 1: 12:30pm-1:30pm EST Tuesday & Thursday
Starts November 3

Group 2: 11am-12pm EST Saturdays
Starts Oct 31

Dr. Ameerah Anakaona Bello is a veteran teacher, but it was only when she began the journey of home-educating her daughters did she realize that the general standards of math expectations of young minds were far lower than what our genius children are capable of. So Ameerah began researching ancient and eastern methods of teaching math. She found the powers of abacus math and how our ancestors were able to use the tool to develop tremendous mental math abilities. Since then, she has patented a simplified abacus as a better tool to introduce to our younger learners and developed an entire curriculum around the device and began teaching the abacus-method of math.

Price: $104 (Class is $99 plus $5 shipping of abacus)