Black Babysitter's Virtual Certification Course

Queen Taese

The Black Babysitter’s Virtual Certification Course is a training, especially for youth ages 11-17. Parents will gain peace of mind in knowing that their children are cultivated and prepared for anything that they might encounter. This is a great opportunity for parents to provide a powerful and positive impact that will span a lifetime by enrolling their child in this very detailed training that is thorough in teaching life-changing and life-saving skills that are critical for:

Youth who care for their siblings

Babysitters or Childcare Entrepreneurs who occasionally babysit for money or want to establish a lucrative business providing care for children.

Youth who have a strong interest in working with children in some way as a profession.

*Training also beneficial for those who want to work in other childcare establishments such as daycare, after-school, programs, schools, camps, etc. In addition to a great in-service credit or resume’ booster.

Here is some of what will be covered:

  • Black Child Development
  • Critical Thinking & Discernment
  • Power of Caregiving
  • Responsibility
  • Safety And Awareness
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Situation Drills
  • Fun, Engaging, & Interactive Activities
  • The Cultural Power of Caregiving
  • CPR/First Aid Certification and more!
Full Weekend Intensive 
Saturday & Sunday January 9-10 
12pm-5pm EST
$147 includes CPR Certification 
Queen Taese, also known as the Queen of Black Homeschooling, assists Black parents in using the AMAZING power of homeschooling to guide their children to a life of their dreams where they are academically excellent, confident, enthusiastic, and driven in their life’s passion leading them to a reality of abundance, phenomenal health, Black ownership, financial wealth, and an unshakable self-identity that is rooted in the greatness and legacy of our culture. 

Queen Taese is an award winning master educator for 20+ years, a 3 category bestselling author of “African-American Families: Why We Homeschool”, an international transformational speaker, curriculum developer, Black homeschool/educational consultant, and visionary who is a trailblazing business woman and homeschool mother for over 23 years. She is a lead authority in her field having homeschooled for over 80,000 hours, as well as having worked directly with over 50,000 Black children and families in diverse settings. As a result of her achievements and love for community, Queen Taese has now officially expanded her brand to 12 countries having an even greater global impact.

Queen Taese and her works have been featured on everything from NBC and Huffington Post to Your Black World, Voyage ATL and more. She also has a heartfelt passion for her work with the National Cares Mentoring Movement founded by the former Essence editor-in-chief, Susan L. Taylor, in which she has done staff development, certified yoga instruction, and facilitated her “Little Seeds To Baobab Trees” early childhood development program. She has taught and learned from thousands of children, as well as designed Afrikan-centered curricula, educational tools, resources, children’s events, and cultural conferences globally. To name a few, some of those entities are Roots to Fruits Homeschool & Cultural Collective of which she serves as director, The Children’s Afrikan Ball, The Children of The Sun Fun Fest, The Watoto Kwanzaa Jamboree, Brunch By The Baobab Tree, The Children’s Afrikan Cinema, Indigo Vibes Yoga, The Brown Baby Soul Lounge, and her signature gathering, The Liberated Minds Black Homeschool and Education Expo that draws thousands of Black people from all over the US and around the world featuring hundreds of Black scholars, homeschoolers and educators. She is excited to now offer the quarterly subscription-based Liberated Minds Magazine, as well as the Liberated Minds Black Education Resource Directory App (available on Apple & Google).

Price: $147