"Many small businesses struggle with marketing our products and services. We're too small to mass produce and mass market, but we want to get our products in front of the right people. Liberated Minds Business Boost, last year did just that for Mathematician, Jr. I found so many amazing customers by getting my math skill-building products in front of the Liberated Minds community. I'm very grateful for their reasonable pricing for the type of supportive and like-minded community I was given access to."

Support Black Business

Teamwork Makes the Red, Black, and Green Work!

UPtmistic Gear

Empowering Apparel for Children, Youth & Adults

Attire by AA

We sell apparel and accessories.

Use code libminds for 25% off your first order.

McClendon Law and Consulting

Educational Consulting services.
Mention code Liberated for 10% off your Will-or-Trust based plan.

The Wellness Depot

Providing massage, body scrub, male & female steaming, foot detox, and more.

We promote complete and total wellness along with economic empowerment through positive mental, physical & financial education.

Walkers Leaders

I have over 25 years of experience as an elementary school teacher. I specialize in providing support in early literacy, reading fluency and comprehension, and child confidence building. I also create educational e-books and workbooks.

Afam Consulting Group

Educational Consulting Services for groups, organizations and individuals in 3 areas of expertise; Organizational Leadership & Professional Development, Authentic Equity & Diversity, and Holistic Health & Wellness.

Naomi Books, LLC

Books by Naomi V. Dunsen-White. Award-winning children’s books that positively represent African American children, through stories that promote diversity, self-discovery, self-determination and purpose. 

A Black Education Network (ABEN)

Our vision is to work with partners who are committed to moving towards the provision of African-centered education.

The Black Achievement Fund (BAF)

The Black Achievement Fund Campaign is a national nonprofit 501 (c)3 corporation whose mission is to recycle Black wealth back into Black communities. Our goal is to create a generational source of capital to fund regional to national Black economic and community development agendas.


iReadify is a digital library of children’s books with diverse characters, cultures and people from around the world. Children 14 and under can read ebooks and listen to audiobooks in many languages with authentic dialects.

Dr. Alecia Blackwood

Author of Ubuntu Pedagogy: Becoming An Ubuntu Responsive Educator. The book provides an overview of a teacher’s journey from the USA to Southern Africa, seeking to understand what it means to teach in the spirit of ubuntu. Through an ethnographic study of the teacher’s lived experiences, the author unpacks what ubuntu means in the context of education while showing how the process of cultivating one’s humanity is anchored in transformative learning.

Children of the Sun

Student “PODS”, distance learning groups, and “tight-knit”, specialized learning communities are becoming the norm. Whatever your choice, you can have the FIRE–The Freedom in Real Education with the Children of the Sun Curriculum and affiliate resources.

Baba's Soul Divine Yoga

Wellness practitioner for over 40 years -Outreach Coordinator for National Black Men’s Health Network.

BABA “YOGA” BEY is a HEALTH GURU, Yoga Qi-Gong & Tai-Chi instructor, community activist, conga drummer, and natural foods specialist.

Technically Tonya

Whether you need a flyer, business card, ad, copy, website, or app. We are here to provide all your content creation and tech needs. With dedication.

Website development and design, Social media content, Website maintenance, Plus more…

Tonya EL

As a domestic violence thriver and adoptee, I know how it feels to struggle with self-confidence, trust, and relationships. It is my mission to assist wounded souls on their healing journey back to themselves.

Cocoa Cuties

Each character is hand-drawn by Denise the Artist and Creator of Cocoa Cutie and is one-of-a kind.  Building self-esteem early on in our children is paramount, so each Cocoa Cutie is available in one of four different skin tones to reflect the diversity and beauty of every child. Also, our children deserve the very best, so I make sure each product is of the highest quality.  

Mathematician, Jr.

Our mission is to build Little kids to be strong and confident when doing BIG math.

With the right tools, supports and mindset, this can easily be done. We offer products and tools that help children develop strong computation skills and an early positive relationship with math. Our products include our junior counter (simplified abacus), “story-workbooks” which intertwine math skills with fun stories, flashcards and more.

No Limit Tax & Financial Services

We prepare individual and business tax returns. As experienced tax professionals, we are fully-versed in tax law and will put our experience to work for you.

Kinara Park Kids

Kinara Park Kids ® is Developing Character and Positive Values in Everyday Life by Utilizing the 7 Timeless Principles of Kwanzaa. In the classroom, children will learn about and have opportunities to practice unityself-determinationcollective work and responsibilitycooperative economicspurposecreativity, and faith. In other words: agreement, self-sufficiency, leadership, supportiveness, tenacity, inventiveness, and confidence.

Money Manifestation

Manifesting money is not just about being rich or having a lot of cash. It’s about creating the life that you want to live, achieving your goals, and getting the things you want in your life. The only thing that will stop you from manifesting money is your own limiting beliefs and planning.

In the Manifesting Money Planner and Workbook, we combine manifestation techniques with practical strategies to not only help you manifest money but to receive it, spend it and use it wisely.

All This Math

Akil Parker is the founder and Director of All This Math, LLC which is an educational services company focusing on building mathematics competency in the African-American community. For 16 years, Akil Parker taught high school math in various capacities and at various schools and programs before dedicating more of his focus to building All This Math as an institution meant to serve our community and reconnect people of African descent with their heritage as mathematically inclined people.

Kell the Biologist

An aspiring Black Wildlife biologist who loves to educate and spread awareness for the protection and preservation of animals and the environment!

Inet Productions, Inc

The live streaming virtual event or videos on demand will be showcase performances from Ms. “Angel Monét ” and her special puppet friends, with soulful vocals, positive lyrics, and rhythms to uplift children through singing, movement and storytelling! Our live shows build a sense of community by creating meaningful connections through music.

The Scalp Nutritionist

A scalp consultation with Yata plus a digital copy of “5 Herbal Ways to A Healthier Scalp”.

For more info text #SCALPCARE to 850.339.3727.

Tanita Fadyeyola

Move. Dance. LiVE! LLC

I facilitate Movementshops, Retreats & Wellness Practices that Energize, Motivate & Inspire You to make the shifts you desire to create a Life You LOVE!

You already KNOW what it takes, so let’s get it done!

Let’s STOP putting it off

Let’s STOP sitting on unused potential

Let’s get out our heads and into our bodies

Let’s Move & SHIFT this WHOLE Thing TOGETHER

Let’s Create a LIFE YOU LOVE!

Lost Arts Enrichment Center

The first-ever boutique learning program built on experiential learning, with a laser sharp focus on cultivating entrepreneurship-based skills relevant to your child’s future and success.

Homeschool Hueniversity

Womb Yoga Dance (Abu Em Khat) has its origins in the Afrikan Nile Valley. Each pose and movement has been gracefully and purposefully put together by the Queen Afua Wellness Institute. As a passionate dancer since a child and yogini, I have had the pleasure to experience and teach the healing, rejuvinating, and amazing benefits of this system. We as women have the ability to overcome suffering as we rebirth, renew, and heal ourselves. Come join in on these womb changing sessions and classes! We are taking this journey to womb wellness together!

Black Education Station

Safe, empowering, educational.

Black Education Station is a streaming TV network that provides a safe space for premium educational content created by Black educators and experts, for the healthy development of Black children. All content is G-rated and appropriate for children 0-10 years old.

Homeschool Hueniversity

Introducing The First Afrikan-centered All-Inclusive Membership with a Built-in Homeschool Support System powered by “Liberated Minds”, the largest Black Homeschool Organization in the world!

For All Ages & Specifically Designed For The Black Family!

Black Resources, Classes, Curriculum, Community & Much More!

Youth Entrepreneurs

Support Black brilliance in action. 

Melanin Marketplace

Patronize our 2022 Liberated Minds Expo vendors.